New member of the CBTA: Prof. Dr. Dirk Müller

Flensburg, 12/03/2023: The team of the Centre for Business and Technology in Africa is very pleased to announce that Prof. Dr. Dirk Müller from the Flensburg University of Applied Sciences will be joining us at the CBTA with immediate effect. He is professor for innovation and growth management. As centre spokesperson of the Jackstädt-Zentrum Flensburg (JZF), he contributes his experience in the areas of entrepreneurial innovation, start-up development and entrepreneurial ecosystem development. In the TechStartUp@HS-Flensburg (TeStUp) project, he is responsible for innovation management. For the Opportunity Space he is the contact person, including guiding through product development and the TeStUp laboratory landscape.

Dirk Müller will further enhance the CBTA with his entrepreneurial experience and innovation ideas.

Welcome Dirk!