Institute de Technologie et de Management, Douala

The Institute of Technology and Management is an initiative of a group of university teachers and Cameroonian engineers engaged both within and outside the country. The primary mission of ITM is to provide young Cameroonians with a highly specialized training in science, applied technology and management sciences. Recognizing that companies which are shaping the new emerging economic order will be forced to undergo globalization and its consequences, we see the ITM strategic potential to train technicians, engineers and managers who can contribute to the emergence in Cameroon and the sub-region of a strong and competitive industrial and economic economy, able to cope with foreign products.

The ITM walks at the national level with the Adventist University Cosendai and is located at the campus of the Adventist University in Douala. The institute trains specialists with industrial background and has opted for a consistent implementation of the LMD (Licence-Master-Doctorate ), which has become global university system and whose implementation is unfortunately incomplete in the landscape higher education in Cameroon.