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Project “Dashboard for Investors in Africa Subsahara”

The project was done in a series of students research courses and aimed to enable easy access to the essential key performance indicators in selected countries of sub-Saharan Africa. The final version provides for a fictional group of investors a decision basis for fast and qualitative correct assessment of the opportunities in Africa. On the basis of existing data mainly from the World Bank, African Development Bank and the World Economic Forum key performance indicators to evaluate the potential for investments have been defined and various prototypes of dashboards where implemented. As a result of the project a set of key performance indicators to support the needs of investors were defined and implemented as an executable dashboard.

Final version of the Dasboard

Dashboard for Investors in Africa – Version 1 (2,7 MB)

Dashboard for Investors in Africa – Version 2 (1,8 MB)

Vote of Thanks

Many students participated in several courses to achieve the final results. We want to thank all of them for their enthusiasm and time they spend for this research activity.

Bachelor Business Informatics, Flensburg Summer 2016 (with support of Kenyan students) Goal/Focus of the subgroup: Realize the final version of the dashboard

  • Project team: Daniel Hübert, Peter Kohlstedt, Per Nissen, Leif Osmann, Finn Schwierig, Dennis Spanjer, Marlies Strauchmann, Tobias Sturm, Christian Wolff, Daniel Hellmann
  • Final version 1 realized by Tobias Sturm and Christian Wolff

Master Supply Chain Management, Namibia, 1st term 2016 Goal/Focus of the subgroup: Add African perspective of indicators to the dashboards

  • Erika Amoono, Shona Anatolia, Anneline Black, Liina Erikson, Ulla Gabriel, Rusten Katjangua, Tangeni Katondoka, Ambrosius Kavaka, Fidelius Khana, Ellis Kwenani, Hift Litebele, Festus Mapemzie, Tangeni, Mwashekele, Eben Nengola, Mwale Sampati, Leena Shailemo, Letisia Shinene, Josia Shikongo, Metarere Tjipura

Master Supply Chain Management – Flensburg, Summer 2016 Goal/Focus of the subgroup: Validate the concept/realization process as basis for a stable model

  • Artjom Dick, Ablavi Dogbo, Thomas Duwe, Irina Jegel, Christoph Klumpe, Klaas Krüger, Jan-Hendrik Petersen, Philip Reich, Manuel Schilhabel, André Severin, Martin Thiedemann, Matthias Westesen, Hossein Zalan, Monika Zander
  • Final version 2 realized by André Severin and Matthias Westesen

Master Supply Chain Management – Flensburg, Summer 2015 Goal/Focus of the subgroup: Improve the concept/realization process to achieve a stable indicator and visualization model

  • Burcu Basköy, Akdag Büsra, Sebastian Cordes, Florian Dettmann, Tjorben Dirks, Dietrich Friesen, Christopher Fritze, Mohammad Haidary, Markus Herden, Donna Jager, Maria Khilko, Kerstin Lebe, Sergej Ließegang, Ansh Mankad, Ervin Muminovic, Dennis Peterich, Tim-Oliver Otte, Kim Pukropski, Raphael Rust, Anne Seick, Michelle Sellmer, Kristoffer Techel, Christopher Wölke, Lukas Wrogemann

Master Supply Chain Management, Namibia, 2nd term 2014 Goal/Focus of the subgroup: Add African perspective of indicators to the dashboards

  • West Africa (Emma Nkandi, Petsy Neiss)
  • Central Africa (Lucia Kulatau, Selma Kambonde)
  • Southern Africa (Julia Numrich, Loide Nuugwanga)

Master Supply Chain Management – Flensburg, Summer 2014 Goal/Focus of the subproject: Improve the prototype versions towards productive usage with focus on several African regions

  • West Africa 1 (Katharina Harms, Torben Meyer)
  • West Africa 2 (Sören Henning, Kristin Wetjen)
  • Central Africa 1 (Michael Kelling, Peter Clostermann)
  • Central Africa 2 (Florian Sandkämper, Johannes Schön)
  • East Africa 1 (Christian Keßler, Sebastian Bock)
  • East Africa 2 (Antonia Thomas, Eva Lorscheider)
  • Southern Africa 1 (Matthias Schwennsen, Alexander Bench)
  • Southern Africa 2 (Christopher Frauzem, Jari Mohnsen)

Master Supply Chain Management, Summer 2013 Goal/Focus of the subproject: Create first prototypes with focus on several African regions

  • West Africa 1 (Michael Herms, Tobias Kröger, Frederike May)
  • West Africa 2 (Ludmilla Elert, Sara Schmidt)
  • West Africa 3 (Nina Brodersen, Michael Schodorf)
  • Central Africa 1 (Roman Bahr, Simon Hachenberg)
  • Central Africa 2 (Hendrik Gänser, Moritz-Kasper Kruse)
  • Central Africa 3 (malte Dircks, Elena Oganesov)
  • East Africa 1 (Oliver Jeske, Björn Sandig)
  • East Africa 2 (Johannes Eichner, Marc-Simon-Schulz)
  • East Africa 3 (Andreas Überall, Gabriel Vatter)
  • Southern Africa 1 (Stephan Duvenage, Christopher Heldt)
  • Southern Africa 2 (Daniela Brakopp, Manuela Versen)
  • Southern Africa 3 (Malte Dieckmann, Manuel Thiel)

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