New large-scale hydrogen project in Mauritania

Frankfurt a. M., 08/03/2023: In an interview with the FAZ, Stefan Liebing, managing director of Conjuncta GmbH, discusses why he and his company are setting up a large hydrogen production facility in Mauritania.

According to him, Mauritania is one of the few countries in Africa, along with Morocco, South Africa and Namibia, where the sun shines during the day and a strong wind blows at night. This means that the electrolysis plants can be well utilised. Together with the government, the necessary port and loading infrastructure is to be built locally. In the first phase of the project, with a capacity of 400 megawatts, it will be delivered to Germany in 2028. Later, production is to be larger by a factor of 25. With the help of desalination plants, the seawater can be used for the electrolysis process. Around 60 % of the energy required is currently imported. If the demand is to be converted to green energy, 10-15 import sources are needed, according to Liebing. Such a diversification of suppliers is also intended to counteract the instability of the Sahel region.

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