Business in Africa

Projects “Business in Africa”

Our students familiarize with the characteristics of business activities in African countries based on an analysis of relevant economic and cultural indicators. This includes cultural characteristics of doing business in Africa and increasing on the ability to solve problems in intercultural groups. Our students accompany actual investment projects of our industry partners in African-German project groups.

We are always interested in new projects with new industry partners. Please contact us in case your company is interested!

Some highlights of former student research projects for industry:

Business in Africa, Projects Winter 2022/23

  • Hydrogen logistics in South Africa
  • Market for motorbikes in Ghana, Kenya and Cameroon
  • Impact of deglobalization and interest development on solar projects in Africa
  • Sustainable energy for residential housing in Nigeria

Business in Africa, Projects Winter 2021/22

  • E-mobility in Cape Verde
  • Central bank digital currency in West Africa
  • Photo Voltaic in Kenya, Angola, Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire

Business in Africa, Projects Winter 2020/21

  • Teliman (Mali) – a Taxi-moto service – An expansion towards Benin
  • Ojirehprime (Nigeria) – a prepaid debit card 
  • Ana Mehani (Egypt) – A home services marketplace 
  • Market innovation – exploring innovative business models

Business in Africa, Projects Winter 2019/20

  • Microalgae Production on Cape Verde
  • FairGrid – A Power concept for Africa
  • Essential surgery kit in Ethiopia
  • Next billion devices – possibilities of voice-first low-end smartphone

Business in Africa, Projects Winter 2018/19

  • Building Partnerships in Africa – Analysing Opportunities in the Energy Market – Case Study Southern African Power Pool (SAPP
  • Added value in agricultural production processes in Africa by adding renewable energy generation
  • Market study for industrial pumps used in the beverage, dairy and food processing in Nigeria
  • Mobile Security solutions for Africa – Market overview and market entry possibilities for a mobile privacy / security solution

Business in Africa, Projects Winter 2017/18

  • Market potential analysis for the use of IT applications
  • Business potential for renewable energy solutions in West Africa arising from carbon reduction programs of global companies
  • Water Market Entry in Zambia
  • Safety at Work in Africa – Research and Evaluation on the Demand in Selected Countries

Business in Africa, Projects Winter 2016/17

  • Promising business models for and in Africa
  • Payment methods in Africa
  • Higher education 2030
  • Water supply in Zambia

Business in Africa, Projects Winter 2015/16

  • Marketing for South African Tourism
  • Waste to Energy – Process Plasma Gasification
  • Timber Sourcing in Cameroon
  • Mobile Solar Container in Rural Areas

Business in Africa, Projects Winter 2014/15

  • Financial concept for a biometric register in Kenya
  • Vendor management – A comparative analysis of current practices in Nigera
  • Business models for academic education in Cameroon
  • Energy management with regenerative energy in selected African countries

Business in Africa, Projects Winter 2013/14

  • Financial concept for an infrastructure project in Kenya
  • Investment opportunities for financial institutions and authorities in Ethiopia
  • Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA)
  • Export Credit Agencies (ECA)

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