EANAS: East African Network

Eastern African-German University of Applied Sciences

In order to meet the ambitious targets of vision 2030, Kenya’s industry needs highly skilled professionals.

In Germany, University of Applied Sciences are well known for teaching professional skills and collaborating closely with local industry, thereby making sure that education is aligned with labor market needs.

The delaration of intent to establish an Eastern African-German University of Applied Sciences that was signed by representatives of the German and Kenyan governments in February 2017, attests to the willingness of both countries to extend their collaboration in the realm of Applied Sciences.

To this end, the current project seeks to identify Kenyan academic and insurtry needs and aims to inform about the German system of Universities of Applied Sciences (UoAS). It is implemented by a consortium of five German UoAS Sciences and funded by the German Academic Exchange Service.

Project Flyer: Information German University Consortium

Prof. Dr. Kay Pfaffenberger
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