Master: African Foreign Markets

Core theme: Market and sector analysis

Within the Master General Business we offer the Minor African Foreign Markets. Core of the Minor is a project work, where students conduct a market analysis for markets and industries. Market size, market dynamics, market structure, market characteristics and market position of selected companies are examined.

Learning outcomes / competencies

  • The students determine relevant economic, social, cultural and political factors and recognize the peculiarities of business activities in African countries. They understand the methods of initiating and developing business in selected African countries and assess whether and how business ideas can be successfully implemented.
  • The students successfully solve case studies and pay attention to the challenges in targeted group work. They recognize and control group processes independently and actively. They ou use a culturally sensitive approach in contacts with stakeholders and apply various methods and theories of intercultural cooperation.
  • The students analyze and categorize markets and industries from different countries on the African continent. They summarize specific country and market needs and develop markets. They differentiate the needs of the target groups, successfully apply economic and business management methods and further develop them taking into account different cultural circumstances and taking into account the challenges of intercultural action. They transfer their knowledge to project work on markets and industries.

Course content

  1. Economy in Africa (economic, demographic and social development of the African continent, regional characteristics, culture and country strategy, investing in Africa – methodical foundations and experiences, implementation and perspectives)
  2. Countries, markets and industry sectors (success factors and experiences)
  3. Excursions to Hamburg and Berlin (economic and political decision makers)
  4. Project country/sector analysis (potentials, risks, business models)