Bachelor: Business in Africa

Core theme: Projects with Industry

Since more than 15 years Flensburg University of Applied Sciences is actively cooperating with partners in academia and industry in Subsaharan Africa. It has gained vast experience regarding logistics, information technology and economic development in Africa. To support companies and institutions that seek to invest in Africa, we designed this specialization to provide investors with a data and knowledge basis for fast and qualitative correct assessment of the opportunities in the respective regions and selected countries of Sub-Saharan Africa. ‘Business in Africa’ is an elective module for students during the winter semester. The course is based on a close cooperation with various companies that support the students in developing their own project.

Learning outcomes / competencies

  • The students outline the basics for doing business in Africa. They assess the special features of business activities in African countries and assess the economic potential of African markets on the basis of economic, social, cultural and political indicators.
  • They describe the current situation in the historical context and discuss approaches using business management methods. They clarify business opportunities and risks in selected countries and assess them for individual industries.
  • The students apply methodological foundations for investment decisions and find relevant sources of information. They develop solutions for entry into African markets (countries, markets and industries) and localize opportunities for economic activities on the African continent.
  • Students work on concrete, current projects from a company. The students name the stakeholders and analyze the roles of the stakeholders.

Course Content

  1. Africa has potential: case studies and examples of success (regions, industrial sectors, technologies)
  2. Economy in Africa (economic, demographic and social development of the African continent, regional characteristics, culture and country strategy, investing in Africa – methodical foundations and experiences, implementation and perspectives)
  3. Project “Accompanying a concrete investment project of a German company”