Our Mandate

The Centre for Business and Technology in Africa (CBTA) is hosted at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences (FUAS). The University has a strong and far-reaching network of partnerships with diverse institutions and in various industries on the African continent. Founded in 2013, CBTA bundles expertise and know-how in business, economics and technology. Principal topics include information technology, logistics & supply-chain management, entrepreneurship and energy in African countries, regions, and economies.
Conscious of our shared history and key socio-economic parameters, CBTA co-operates with African partners to promote economic, environmental and social sustainability as well as gender equality in all its areas of expertise. This is reflected not only in the Centre’s vision, mission and approach, but also in its projects and activities.
Fully funded by public and third-party means, the Centre is free to choose its content.


Our vision is to learn from each other in strong and sustainable partnerships between and in exchange with German and African researchers, institutions and students.


CBTA’s mission is fivefold:

  • Exchanging the best knowledge of both parties in a fruitful, valuable, transparent and open collaboration;
  • Participation in the vibrant development of business, economics, and technology in Africa;
  • Integrating the latest perspectives from and about the African continent into all our projects and activities;
  • Being a competent and relevant partner in innovative projects, research, teaching and training;
  • Providing expertise, contact and individual experience to students, lecturers and staff from FUAS and partner universities in Africa and other regions.


We value diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and schools of thought.
CBTA strives to engage with its partners individually and organizationally at eye-level. We appreciate and value our partners’ perspectives highly and bring in our broad scientific expertise.
CBTA provides a forum for scientific discourse that integrates diverse opinions and perspectives. We continuously incorporate researchers from African countries in our activities and panel discussions, and co-operate with them in projects and publications.