Students and Lecturers Exchange

Internships for students

Through the far-reaching and well-established network with partner institutions and industry at both universities, the Centre for Business and Technology in Africa and the partner institutions together offer internships for both African and German students. The internships on both sides of the Equator usually last 3 months. Most African students that come to Germany combine their internship with a semester abroad at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences.

Semester Abroad for students

This program is ultimate for students who are self-assured in their ability to prosper while living abroad and want to commit to a 6 months program.  During a semester abroad, a student can enriched experience.  Funds are made available by our donors (mostly DAAD) to cater for tuition and living expenses.  A semester abroad is more than an academic adventure; it’s an experience that can change a student’s life and career path. This program is exactly directed to meet a student’s expectations in such a way that:

    • A student gains practical experience directed to the main program of study.
    • An opportunity is offered to complete courses not offered at Home University.
    • Foreign language skills are improved.
    • Exposure to Advanced IT systems.
    • Experience life away from home.
    • Meet students from around the world & interact with other cultures.
    • It boosts a student’s confidence in the ability to thrive while leaving abroad.

Teaching and research exchanges for lecturers

We want to give our staff and lecturers from Africa and Germany the chance to gain new insights and experience on the respective partner continent. We do this by offering short term and three-month teaching exchanges for teaching staff. Our core competencies at CBTA are business and technology. So, these are the main focus of our teaching as well.