Green hydrogen from Africa for a German paper mill

Frankfurt a. M., 26/07/2023: A video report by the Hessischer Rundfunk (Hessian Broadcasting) discusses the switch from natural gas to hydrogen at a paper mill.

Stefan Liebing was interviewed as an expert on the subject of hydrogen supply. In this context, Liebing describes the work of his company Conjuncta GmbH. In African countries, mainly wind and solar energy is to be used to produce hydrogen. This is then to be converted into ammonia and shipped to Germany. Terminals for this are already in the project planning stage. For a project in Angola, Liebing is working with the local government to use surplus capacity from a hydropower plant. In 2025-2026, the first quantities of green hydrogen are to be shipped to Germany so that customers such as the mentioned paper mill can use it.

Full video (german):