Scandinavian energy transition – Denmark goes its own way

Flensburg, 02/11/2021: Bernd Möller had a guest appearance in the climate series of Deutschlandfunk on the topic of the Scandinavian energy transition – Denmark goes its own way. Möller worked for a long time as an energy scientist in Denmark before he became professor for sustainable energy system management in developing countries at the Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems in Flensburg.

Denmark differs from Germany in several fundamental ways. The country is small and has a lot of coastline without strong heavy industry. It does not have an automobile industry and thus cannot slow down potential energy decisions. The political system also helped, as minority governments with many consensus decisions are normal in Denmark. In addition, the population has a higher basic trust in the government than in Germany, Möller says.

Dispute different starting points, Germany can learn a lot from Denmark when it comes to transforming our energy systems. A persistent, active energy policy, the ability to reach a sustainable consensus, as well as digitalisation are part of it.

Just as Germany can learn from Denmark, Africa can also learn from Germany and benefit from the experience gained. New ideas and technologies need to be exported to other countries so that Africa can also benefit from advances in high-tech countries. Closer ties and greater exchange of experience and knowledge on sustainable energy issues are important cornerstones in combating the global climate crisis.

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