New member of the CBTA: Prof. Dr. Bernd Möller

Flensburg, 06/07/2021: The team of the Centre for Business and Technology in Africa is very pleased to announce that Prof. Dr. Bernd Möller from the Europa-Universität Flensburg will be joining us at the CBTA with immediate effect. At the EUF he is professor in Sustainable Energy Systems Management. His research includes spatial analysis in energy planning, sustainable energy access and development. He chairs the international M.Eng. programme Energy and Environmental Management in Developing Countries. Prof. Dr. Bernd Möller from the Department Energy and Environmental Management (EEM) – Interdisciplinary Institute of Environmental, Social and Human Sciences adds further competences and aspects that strengthen those of our team.

Bernd Möller and his knowledge to our perspectives with the African continent and our team will enable the Centre to further strengthen its independent position at the location and in Germany!

Welcome Bernd!