Kick-off event at the IHK Lübeck

Lübeck, 22/02/2023: The African continent offers diverse opportunities in many sectors – also for small and medium-sized enterprises. In order to arouse interest, to sound out opportunities and to be able to answer questions precisely, the Chambers of Industry and Commerce in Schleswig-Holstein have been offering a new service since September 2022.

On 22 February, a kick-off event was held in Lübeck to launch the Entrepreneur Network Africa. Entrepreneurs, representatives of institutions and people interested in the topic met to exchange experiences in a relaxed atmosphere. Kay Pfaffenberger from the CBTA was present as well as the author and professor Robert Kappel. The medium-sized companies from Schleswig-Holstein FlorasBest Greenhouse Ltd, AQUAMONDIS Germany GmbH and Baier Motors GmbH were also represented.

The event was intended to establish a wide-ranging business network to establish or expand business relations with Africa. At each meeting, companies report on their experiences and experts provide information on current trends. Participants who are planning a project and would like feedback on it, as well as those looking for cooperation partners, will be offered a pitch in the round. However, the main focus is on networking and making new contacts.

Katy Schröder is a Business Scout for Development at the Lübeck Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg and offers the following services to companies in developing and emerging countries:

  1. explore new markets, structured information and precise contacts, support options for market entry
  2. develop projects, work out strategies, identify local partners, assess risks, use funding and financing opportunities
  3. support cluster formation, network companies with complementary products and services, plan joint activities
  4. develop new origins, explore new sourcing opportunities, use import promotion instruments in developing and emerging countries
  5. expand business networks, organise exchange of experience and develop skills for successful entrepreneurial action in developing and emerging countries

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