DAAD-magazine presents project with Cameroon

DAAD-magazine presents “ICT in Africa” and our project with Cameroon

06/06/2013, Bonn: The DAAD-magazine presents in the article “Startschuss für DAAD-geförderte IKT-Studiengänge in Afrika-Subsahara“ the three projects of „IKT für Afrika“, which will introduce new IKT-courses in Health Information Management (HIM),  “Enviromental Management Systems for the Subsaharan Region” (EMIS-Subsahara) and “Business Computing (Tri-WI)”.

Tri-WI is a project between Flensburg University of Applied Sciences, Institute de Management and Technologie Douala and Polytechnic of Namibia to implement a trilateral Master-Course structure  with focus on logistics and information technology with consideration of regional structures and characteristics.

DAAD-magazine 06.06.2013: Startschuss für DAAD-geförderte IKT-Studiengänge in Afrika-Subsahara