Germany should change its perspective on Africa

Düsseldorf, 04/03/2024: In an guest commentary for Handelsblatt, Thomas Amolo and Stefan Liebing argue that the Federal Republic of Germany should work more closely with Africa in the areas of trade, democracy and climate protection out of self-interest. They emphasize the importance of a diversified foreign policy and increased travel diplomacy between the continents. The authors call for more intensive cooperation in three fields of action:

  1. Trade and investment: Germany should support African companies in specific projects and hedge risks in order to create jobs and open up new markets.
  2. Democracy and stability: Africa’s democratic systems should be supported in order to ensure long-term stability. German development policy should focus more on project development.
  3. Climate crisis: Close cooperation in the fight against the climate crisis is of great importance. Germany could benefit from supplies of green energy from Africa in order to achieve its climate targets.

The authors advocate a partnership of mutual respect that takes equal account of African and German interests and does not involve lecturing. They emphasize that such a partnership is in the interests of both sides and can lead to win-win situations.