German government should acquire gas in Africa

Berlin, 01/04/2022: In the latest press release of the German-African Business Association, Chairman Stefan Liebing urges the German government to look into the import of liquefied natural gas from African countries.

“While the Italian foreign minister visited countries like Angola, Mozambique or Congo for the same reason, the German government appears not to be making use of the potential on our neighbouring continent. Although there are good reasons to do so.” Currently, 80-90% of the LNG is already sold through long-term contracts, but the remaining capacities could be highly valuable for Germany.

Nevertheless, Germany will have to invest at least indirectly in gas production or liquefaction plants so that it can also conclude long-term contracts for regular deliveries. ” Such investments would then also be investments in a sustainable energy supply, because existing plants for the production of LNG could be converted to the production of green hydrogen in the medium term.”