Fruitful discussions in Kenya at the Expert Advisory Board

Nairobi, 26/11/2021: The second Expert Advisory Board on Applied Sciences in East-Africa on 25 and 26 November brought together professors from leading universities in the East African Community and Germany, government officials and industry representatives. Thomas Schmidt and Kay Pfaffenberger from the Centre for Business and Technology in Africa attended and represented Flensburg University of Applied Sciences at the event in Nairobi.

In his speech, Vimal Shah, Chairman of Bidco Africa, called for more top workers for the EAC region and for more investment in education. The Principal Secretary of the Ministry of East African Community and Regional Development in Kenya, Dr Kevit Desai, and EABC CEO John Bosco Kalisa were also present. Kalisa emphasised the importance of aligning academic curricula with industry. This is to close qualification gaps.

For the future, the East African University of Applied Sciences has set itself the goal of adapting well-functioning practices from Germany. In this way, production, efficiency and competitiveness of the EAC region are to be increased and new solutions for manufacturing, value chains, networking, transport, mechatronics and energy are to be found.