Ethiopia: Sustainable textile industry in emerging countries

Flensburg, 06/07/2020: A project at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences is concerned with sustainability of textile supply chains using the example of Germany and Ethiopia. Researchers are asking the question on how supply chain sustainability in Emerging markets can be increased.

The call for fair and sustainably produced clothing will be again and again – not only after scandals in the textile industry according to. Recent efforts to counter grievances. Represent certificates such as B. the textile seal “the green button” of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and development. It aims to create sustainable supply chains in the Label and take into account clothing production in addition to environmental protection, working conditions in the Producing countries. But what does practice look like?

Source: Gatermann, HS Flensburg, text and picture Beispiel Äthiopien: Nachhaltige Textilindustrie in Schwellenländern