Dialogue with the Ethiopian State Minister for Education on the establishment of a University of Applied Sciences in Ethiopia

Flensburg, 16/02/2024: Prof. Dr. Kay Pfaffenberger spoke to the Ethiopian State Minister for Education, Dr. Kora Tushune, in a video call about the possibility of establishing a University of Applied Science in Ethiopia. The contact came about through the former Science Minister of Thuringia and former MdB Christoph Matschie, who is Vice President of the German Africa Foundation and also participated in the call.

All three agreed that the first step would be to organise political support for this project in Germany. Secondly, they want to work together to develop a structured idea of how the cooperation could be implemented.

Pfaffenberger and Matschie believe it would be helpful if Tushune were to visit Germany and talk to members of parliament, government representatives and potential partner universities. His embassy could facilitate this visit and Matschie and Pfaffenberger could help to establish contacts with the necessary partners in parliament, government and universities, for example via the HAW Africa network.

The project would be based on the experience of HAW Kenya (East African German University of Applied Sciences/Steinmeier project), in which they have already participated.