African countries want to supply Germany with natural gas

Cologne, 03/03/2022: The news channel ntv published an article on Germany’s option to buy natural gas from African countries in its Börsen-Tag section. Stefan Liebing from the CBTA named countries such as Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria and Angola, which can and want to supply natural gas to Germany in the short term. This could reduce dependence on imports from Russia.

The 750-kilometre Medgaz pipeline, which is currently being expanded, already supplies natural gas from Algeria to the EU and still has capacity. Egypt, Nigeria and Angola are also producers of LNG and would be able to export more liquefied gas to Europe. There is no need for LNG terminals in Germany, as there are already 20 of them in the EU.

According to Liebing, the countries mentioned could make an important contribution to security of supply, but all that is needed is the political will to conclude appropriate agreements with these countries now.

Source: Der Börsen-Tag: Afrikanische Länder wollen Deutschland Erdgas liefern –